About Online Safety Summit

SheThePeople is organising the second edition of the Safety Summit on Nov 30th virtually and this is an invite for you to speak there as part of a panel focusing on Women Gendered Abuse Online. 

The #SafetySummit is a collective conversation on current issues that can help us understand our ever-changing digital environment. It is an effort, that will build on challenges, solutions shared issues to reflect on the future that’s ahead of us. 

It is an opportunity for professionals working in the field of online and digital safety to learn more about the current issues faced by women and hear evolving approaches and solutions from an expert panel of speakers.

Women are vulnerable to online security breaches, fake news, gendered abuse and sexual harassment. Whether it’s a troll or an eve teaser, online or offline women remain easy targets. The challenges are many and identified but the solutions are yet few, and imperfect.

 Safety Summit for Women powered by SheThePeople.TV is an attempt to get all stakeholders together and explore a consolidated approach to safety.